The historical significance of architecture and literature can’t be explained without speaking about Amin Khan. Amin Khan is a great personality who played a pivotal role in the flourishing of Telugu Language. ‘Yayati Charitama’ is a fantastic Telugu poem written without the inclusion of any other language. The poem was written by Ponnikanti Telaganarya who dedicated the poem to Amin Khan. During his reign, Patancheru flourished with different cultures, religions and traditions.

He didn’t limit his generous hands to the Muslim community alone. He helped Brahmins who lived in his domain. Also, Amin Khan didn’t levy a single penny as tax from Brahmins. He played a vital role in uplifting the lives of Brahmins who lived in that village. In the 21st century, we see so many religious disputes and battles happening around the world. But this legend Amin Khan nullified religious differences and helped the people in need.

Though Amin Khan was a Muslim, he helped people from different religions and improved their livelihood. Amin Khan’ soul resides in a tomb located in Patancheru, Hyderabad. Amin Khan’s tomb is also known as Patancheru Tombs. This 16th-century archaeological beauty fascinates visitors with its beautiful stucco work and exceptional detailing. The grandeur of this tomb leaves you wonderstruck. This beautifully intricate tomb resonates the great tales of Amin Khan and his legacy.

The onion-shaped dome is crowned by a row of fully-modelled petals. The 450-year-old massive tomb shows the architectural excellence of the Qutub Shahi period. Amin Khan not only lived with people, but he also lived for people. His deeds and life stories are engraved on the walls in the Persian language. People wonder how this epic tomb was built to perfection without efficient tools and technology.

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The sad truth is that this historical monument is neglected and not preserved by the people and the government. The tomb is not protected by a wall and local people use it as a public toilet. The government is just watching the degradation of this national treasure. The poems and works of literature on the walls are wiped off. The pollution in the region destroyed the beauty of calligraphy, design and plaster.

Due to improper maintenance, this ancient masterpiece is no longer a tourist attraction. The tomb was aesthetically pleasing and visually impressive, but now it’s not. The footprints of a legend like Amin Khan should not be erased no matter what. The kind of life he led is inspirational for today’s generation. The harsh reality is that we dishonour Amin Khan’s Tomb with negligence. It’s possible to bring back the artistry of the Tomb only with your cooperation.

This archaeological treasure and monument need to be preserved at all costs. It deserves restoration and we need to join hands for this. People like you and I know about the life of the Great Amin Khan, but the world doesn’t know. Cement benches around the tombs will help the visitors to view the nuances of the monument. A wall needs to be erected to protect this massive tomb and floodlights to illuminate the tomb during nights. Let’s join together and work towards the restoration of this massive tomb.

The man who broke religious barriers deserves a great ending. He is a great inspiration for all of us and it’s our duty to safeguard this Tomb and publicise its importance. The tomb is more than a monument, it’s history, it’s our identity. The Patancheru Tomb is the tangible link our community shares with Amin Khan, the unsung hero of the 16th-century dynasty.

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